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  STD60/A Series Absolute Pressure Sensor in metal can ( TO5 ) Package   Senphire offers high value added products for sensing applications, we term our offerings the Sapphire of sensing
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The STD 60A Series are fully compensated pressure sensors. The series features a metal can ( TO5 ) package with an optional port to provide the pressure connection.
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STD 60A Series
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Based on Senphire’s proprietary packaging techniques the series incorporates a high quality silicon MEMs pressure sensor as the sensing element with full amplification and compensation circuitry.

The STD series is ideal for absolute pressure sensing particularly for cable fault detection and pneumatics. The high pressure versions ( 250 psi ) is also ideal for use as a high pressure sealed gage pressure sensor. The silicon MEMs sensor is protected from the environment by a drop of silicone gel enabling it to be used with water and other liquids.

The STD series conforms to other industry standard metal can ( TO5 ) pressure sensor packages. Because of the materials used in package construction it can typically be specified to higher absolute pressure ranges than other pressure sensors with plastic packages.

The STD 60A Series can be specified with pressure ranges from 15-250 psi.

Key Features
Parameter Value Remarks
Operating Voltage 2.7-3.3V or 4.5 to 5.5V  
Available Pressure Ranges 15, 30, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 psi Absolute
Linearity 0.3 % FS  
Output Analog  
Package TO-5 metal can package with optional port  

STD60/A Series Absolute Pressure Sensor Mechanical Outline Drawing Metal Can TO5 package with and without port ( nipple )

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Datasheet Download
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Analog Output
» STD_60A_STD.pdf (for 15 to 250 psi)

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