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About Senphire
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  Senphire's 3300 square meter Pressure Sensor Manufacturing Facility   Senphire offers high value products for sensing applications. We term our offerings the Sapphire of sensing
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Senphire is a dynamic pressure sensor manufacturer specializing in ‘User-Friendly Pressure Sensors”. We believe pressure sensors will continuously evolve to become smaller, smarter, tailor-made and less costly to implement.
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Who We Are
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Senphire pressure sensors deliver one of the best price-performance ratios in the industry. We aim to be user-friendly in every sense whether through price, functionality, support or delivery times.

We are constantly raising the bar in pressure sensors by integrating state of the art packaging and calibration solutions with established sensor technologies. At the heart of our sensors are proven technologies such as MEMs, ceramic thickfilm and thinfilm sensors. These are then simplified through integration with the latest digital signal conditioning while modern manufacturing techniques ensure excellent reliability.

Whether through clever design, packaging, calibration or outstanding technical support we offer simple, easy to use solutions that save time and money. Based on these values, we have built a reputation as a premium pressure sensor manufacturer for today's customer.

Contact us today, you won’t be disappointed!

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