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Custom Sensor Packages
OEM Module Design and Manufacture
  CCD53 Series Pressure Sensor (too tall) and CCD54 Series Low Profile Custom Pressure Sensor developed from the CCD53   Senphire offers OEM Design and Manufacturing solutions of Pressure Based Devices
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Senphire understands that every application has unique requirements. Maybe you need a focused pressure range, operating temperature or an ultra-small package. If you don’t see a suitable pressure sensor on our product page, please contact us. In many cases we are able to customize an existing package or develop a new one to suit your needs.
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Case study : CCD53 and CCD54 Series
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The CCD 53 was developed to be compatible with industry standard packages. The option of having one or two ports enables it to be used for absolute, gage and differential pressure applications.

A customer doing hand held devices required a pressure sensor to fit into a slim molded plastic case. The CCD 53 was too tall and had the pressure ports perpendicular to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) after mounting. This would not fit into a molded plastic package 1 inch in thickness.

Senphire designed the CCD 54 series. Still retaining all the flexibility of the CCD 53 series, the CCD 54 series has the pressure ports pointing sideways (parallel to the PCB after mounting). With a height of less than 9mm, the pressure sensor is able to fit into slim hand-held style packages.

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