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About Senphire
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What We Do
  Die Bonder from Palomar Technologies and Wire Bonder from F&K Delvotec   Senphire offers high value added products for sensing applications. We term our offerings the Sapphire of Sensing
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Senphire develops a broad range of pressure sensors, pressure related modules and sensor packaging solutions. Senphire was founded with the objective of bringing more small size but high value pressure sensors to the market much like our namesake.
What We Do
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Senphire sensors are known for their high levels of customization, quality, as well as the breadth of products to suit different market segments. Products range from ultra low cost uncompensated pressure sensors to fully compensated-amplified pressure sensors for consumer, medical, industrial and automotive applications.

Located in Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong we have excellent access into mainland China and are able to leverage on one of the worlds largest semiconductor supply chains whether in terms of skilled manpower, wafer fabrication, raw materials or application specific integrated circuits (ASICs). As a result our sensors deliver one of best price-performance ratios in the industry.

Our core competencies are in state-of-the-art packaging and calibration technologies including wire bonding, die bonding, multi-chip hybrid packages, molded lead frames, mass calibration and testing. All this is housed in our cutting edge 3300 square meter facility.

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